Sunsetting our Homegrown beer series


This Friday we’re releasing our latest Homegrown West Coast IPA – you’re going to want to grab this winter’s release, as it’s our last in the Homegrown Series. We’re sunsetting the series this year after an amazing few years of growing and brewing our estate beer.

leota and BT_orchard

We started the series back in 2019 (originally called Sown & Grown), but the series really goes all the way back to 1932, when BT and Leota Loftus (our great-grandparents!) first planted our family’s hop farm. Leota Mae had the foresight to plant our first crop of hops the year before prohibition ended – and the release of this final Homegrown Beer is perfectly timed, coming out a few days before the 90 year anniversary of the repeal of prohibition!

Before we even opened our doors, we knew we’d eventually want to grow our own malt alongside our homegrown hops. So in 2019, we planted, harvested, and brewed with our first ever barley crop. While we did want to grow great barley crop, a large part of the goal of this series was to help us stand out as farmers turned brewers – our goal was never to be the best barley growers in the world. It’s taken us 4 generations and over 90 years to get to where we are as hop farmers, so we knew that our tenure as barley farmers would have a large learning curve. And a learning curve it was! After 4 years, we can officially say – you know what? Let’s stick to what we’re best at! Time to go back to our roots and focus on growing hops and brewing great beers – made with our homegrown hops and someone else’s homegrown barley!



This final Homegrown IPA may be your last taste of our homegrown malt, but remember that with every can of Bale Breaker beer, you’re getting our homegrown hops – we may be ending THIS series, but all of our beers are homegrown beers.

We’ll see you Friday for the release, and you can also join us Saturday at our annual Homegrown for the Holidays event – along with newest Homegrown Winter IPA, we’ll have a Christmas tree sale, ornament decorating, festive coloring sheets for the kiddos, plenty of beer for the grown-ups, and a Santa Claus sighting for all!

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