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Skyward IPA, Bale Breaker Brewing Company’s newest year-round 12oz offering, will be releasing in early August, 2023.

Yakima, Wash. – April 12, 2023 – Bale Breaker Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery located in the beautiful Yakima Valley, is excited to announce the newest 12oz can: Skyward IPA, releasing later this summer and joining March’s new release, Daybreak Pale Ale, to round out the brewery’s year-round lineup.

Fittingly announced the same week the brewery turns 10 years old, Skyward IPA is joining Daybreak Pale Ale as the new kids in their 12oz can lineup. These two new beers are a culmination of the brewery’s 10 years of brewing experience, the family’s 90+ years of hop farming, and the updated and maturing palettes of both the brewers and their customers.

Skyward IPA is a clean, easy-drinking IPA. Similarly to how Daybreak Pale Ale joined the year-round lineup while keeping the classic Field 41 Pale Ale around, Skyward will join Bale Breaker’s flagship IPA, Topcutter, as a second IPA option for their year-round lineup. These two new beers are a more modern, fresh take on classic Pacific Northwest Pale Ales and IPAs, while staying true to the brewery’s goal of brewing beers that showcase the hops grown right here on their 4th generation family hop farm.

“After years of innovating with Hazy IPAs, Pilsners, and even branching into hard seltzer, we’re going back to what made us love beer and brewing in the first place with our 2023 releases of Daybreak and Skyward,” says Bale Breaker co-owner Meghann Quinn. “Skyward is a call back to a core goal when we opened our brewery 10 years ago: to make a damn good West Coast IPA. This time around, we’re leaning on a decade of brewing experience and new techniques to produce flavors that feel classic yet fresh and appeal to a wide array of customers.”

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About Skyward ipa
6.5% ABV

An old mentor told us back when we first started brewing that here in the PNW, the best beer is an IPA so clear you can read a book through it. And that’s exactly what Skyward is. A crisp, clear West Coast IPA, named for the direction our hops stretch as they grow on our 4th generation family hop farm. Grapefruit, pineapple, and classic West Coast dankness.

Skyward IPA will be releasing in early August 2023, at both their Yakima and Seattle taprooms, as well as receiving larger distribution throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho beginning in August. To find the beer outside of the taprooms, check out Bale Breaker’s online beer finder. Washington customers can also order the beer to be shipped directly to them from Bale Breaker via their online store after launch.

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