Introducing daybreak pale ale

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We’re thrilled to announce the newest 12oz canned 6-pack in our year-round lineup: Daybreak Pale Ale.

This pale ale is a nod to our roots, fittingly releasing a month before we turn 10 years old. As our brewery, owners, and brewers have matured in the last 10 years, we know our customers have too. This pale ale is a nod to that growth with a simpler, more pared-down recipe than our typical brews. Daybreak is a beer you can crush without feeling too full, and with an approachable 5.5% ABV, it’s the perfect companion for any adventure.

With a family history of 90 years of hop growing, and a brew team that’s been brewing for well over a decade now, we have combined our knowledge of hops, beer, and the industry into Daybreak Pale Ale. Says Bale Breaker Co-owner and Brewmaster Kevin Smith, “We’re older and wiser than we were when we opened and are ready to re-establish our roots with a new lineup of beers that showcase our hops and brewing ability without any frills or unnecessary additions – we can’t hide flaws with a beer this pared down, so Daybreak needed to be as close to perfect as possible. This is the ultimate pale ale for the craft beer and IPA lover.”

While we’re known for our hop-heavy beers (well, we ARE located smack dab in the middle of our family’s 4th generation hop farm), this pale ale features just Simcoe & Mosaic hops. The simplicity of this hop bill really lets the featured hops shine. The beer is crisp and crushable with complex aromas of grapefruit, apricot, and pine.

When we first opened 10 years ago in 2013, we had just two beers on tap: Topcutter IPA and Field 41 Pale Ale. After 10 years of brewing, experimenting with all sorts of beers and establishing our foothold with great, hoppy IPAs, this clean, intentional pale ale feels like the perfect nod to both our roots and our years of experience. “Think of Daybreak as Field 41’s more modern younger sibling,” jokes brewery co-owner Kevin Quinn. “The taste and consistency you know and trust from us, but showing that we can grow and adapt without sacrificing the high quality ingredients and flavors customers have come to expect.”

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About daybreak pale

5.5% ABV

We went back to our roots with this streamlined pale ale that lets our family farm’s hops shine like the first rays of morning light. Crisp with complex aromas of grapefruit, apricot, and pine resin and hints of mango, blueberry, and melon.

Daybreak Pale Ale is releasing Friday, March 3rd, at both our Yakima and Seattle taprooms, as well as receiving larger distribution – including at Fred Meyer and QFC – throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho beginning in early March. To find the beer outside of the taprooms, check out our online beer finder in early March. Washington customers can also order the beer to be shipped directly to them via our online store after launch.

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